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Our Government and our Politics has been faded through empty promises and empty truth. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have held true to their promise, as public servants, to serve the public. Turning the matters and the lives of everyday Americans into a competitive ballgame, with the only losers being the people. Ideology has replaced policy and disgrace has replaced integrity. We believe that America is more than that, America is the city on the hill, the democracy all others strive to be, and we must once again show that we deserve to take our place, as the city on the hill. Through the Progressive Values PAC, we fight to energize the grassroots in demanding a say in positive hard policy change. By never directly endorsing a party or candidate our only allegiance is to the issues. We educate citizens on their rights, based on the issues you care about we inform you on how to vote to make your demands heard. The Environmental Voter will be heard, the Infrastructure Voter will be heard, the Healthcare Voter will be heard, the Tax-reform voter will be heard, all who have a voice, and demand to be heard, will be heard. Join us today, in the fight to take back our glorious democracy.


Real, positive change, can only occur when people know to whom to give their votes.

Demanding accountability  

Money speaks too loudly in Politics, we elect representatives, however, more often than not, large donors and corporate motivated PACS have the last say. 

restoring policy driven government

Politics has become too fun, politicians are treated like celebrities and the cult of character has eclipsed the importance of an efficiently running government established to pass laws and bills. Not hold flashy rallies. 

ending partisan gridlock

The left and the right must learn that they need one other for good governance, not oppose one another. The right must learn from the left's ambitions to care for the poor, and the left must learn how to use the rights love for a privatized economy to achieve their goals.

putting issues over ideology

Conservatives and liberals both believe that they alone are motivated by love while their opponents are motivated by hate. How can we solve problems with so much polarization?  "We might just be able to take the ghastly holy war of ideology that we're suffering under and turn it into a competition of ideas," says Arthur Brooks, President of the American Institute of Enterprise. 


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    Real change never occurs from the top on down, [but] always from the bottom on up.

    Bernie Sanders  |  Senator